No Dreams Last Night
2012. single channel video (color, sound), 5 min. 45 sec.
music by The Revival Hour


Jones conjures a narrative of haunting, ethereal images.  By staging this elusive experience of transience and ambiguity – while drawing from a palette of memory, emotion and the abstract – the artist seeks to recreate the waking dream in all of us.  The viewer can only make sense of these evocative images through the lens of their own experience – dredging up lost feelings or unwittingly constituting new ones. Poe wrote, “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream,” which can be taken to mean that our perception is our experience – the two inextricably linked.  [Personal memory – as changed as it may be from the actual – informs our present with all the force of reality, because it is our reality.] At its best, the human mind, driven to reveal a grace within ourselves, creates the truth we need out of the fog of the past.