2005-ongoing. C-Prints
Edition of 5 +AP each

Chandeliers are an expression of our unique humanness. Modern man realized that candlelight could be amplified by prisms and crystals, but artists embellished these forms into dazzling pieces of refracted light and precious metals. There is no necessity for these expressions, only humanity's love and lust for beauty. It is our desire to create beauty from the most necessary or functional items, to bend the natural world to our inner aesthetic, that shows the divine in man.

graphite and ink drawings on layered paper and vellum


installation views

and_there_was_, (Black Light Series) NO. 011_BL.27275
Black Vinyl Decal 54" x 309" in
Installation at Eastfield College for 2011 Temporary Occupants Invitational
Lifespan Unknown

Video Documentation
Date: April 25, 2018
By: David Wilburn