MAC@20 exhibition    A little cramped but    with good company

MAC@20 exhibition 
A little cramped but 
with good company

November 8 - December 20, 2014
Saturday, November 8, 6 - 8pm
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In celebration of The MAC’s 20th Anniversary, artists who have exhibited in the galleries over the past two decades have been invited to showcase their work in a two-part exhibition, MAC@20 Part I & II. The first part of the program includes artists who exhibited at The MAC between 1994 – 2003 and runs May 10 – June 28, 2014. MAC@20 Part I exhibiting artists include John Alexander, Barbara Takenaga, James Drake, David Bates, and Ludwig Schwartz. MAC@20 Pt. II will cover artists from 2004-2013 and will be up November 8 – December 20, 2014. Quin Mathews, Christopher Blay, Frances Bagley, Lance Jones, Terry Hays, Mary Beth Edelson, and Robert Pilodori are among the many artists participating in the second installment. Some artists are exhibiting earlier work while others display current pieces.


December 31, 2013

San Diego art that made an impact in 2013


by Kinsee Morlan, San Diego CityBeat

Object Object!: A Selection of Smaller Works | Helmuth Projects, 1827 Fifth Ave., Bankers Hill
Helmuth demonstrated how a small, alternative gallery can put together a compelling, museum-quality show with Object Object!, a group exhibition featuring small works by 71 artists. Curated by Good Good Things, a project of artists John Oliver Lewis and Jessica McCambly, the roster included highly respected local and international artists including Sean Brannan, Tom Driscoll, Steve Gibson, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Matthew Hebert, Jeff Irwin, May-Ling Martinez, Ingram Ober, Joe Yorty, Allison Wiese and Keri Oldham.


Group exhibition at Helmuth Projects shows how constraints can spur imagination

by Andy Horwitz

More is not always better. Anyone who’s spent an evening flipping through thousands of cable TV channels looking for a single decent show can tell you that sometimes more is just more. Fortunately, the 86 small works that comprise the exhibition Object Object!! at Helmuth Projects are consistently compelling.

Curating artists John Oliver Lewis and Jessica McCambly, under the moniker “good good things,” were invited to work within two constraints: Objects had to be no larger than 10 inches in any direction and had to be priced under $300. Constraint often breeds ingenuity, and the work on display is proof.

One favorite was Matthew Hebert’s “Prayers for Rain (for Wilhelm Reich),” in which a hacked Radio Shack WeatheRadio plays songs about weather as if from scratched LPs on a faraway radio station. The piece anchors a series of whimsical 3D objects re-imagining the familiar. Kelly Eginton’s “Endless Sunset” consists of a Bakelite slide case filled with slides of sun-bleached sugar paper that create a polychromatic series of tiny abstract sunsets. 

Allison Wiese’s “Intercom” is defiantly nonfunctional, made of woodblock, found objects and a blinking red light like a high-concept toy. Jessica Halonen’s “Flutter (spreadsheet 3)” is a perfectly constructed paper airplane made of aluminum, enamel and ink; it inspires visions of a classroom floor littered with airplanes after a particularly rowdy study hall.

Meanwhile, Farrah Emami’s “Living Room (Fireplace I)” is an object that operates differently. Made of white clay, it appears to be a crumbling cast of a fireplace’s interior corner, but the viewer instinctively fills in the missing dimensions; though working within the constraints of the exhibition, it implies a much larger spatial presence. Tom Driscoll’s “Casing,” made of cast cement, and Joshua West Smith’s “thinness 2,” made of plywood, dirt and enamel, are wall-mounted but protrude into the space, aestheticizing construction and giving the viewer pause.

Bhavna Mehta’s “Seed studies—Garbanzo beans” and Wendell M. Kling’s “Images from the Moon World” offer equally intricate but tantalizingly different approaches to cut paper as a medium. May-Ling Martinez’s “Revelation” draws the viewer into a finely detailed microcosm that conveys the emotional power of ecstatic religious experience, while the variable shades of white-on-white in scott b. davis’ “in ko pah mountains” and T. Matthew L. Dunn’s “Molloy” invite meditations on how we hold memories, how they fade and what remains.

Object Object!!, which closes with a reception from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 6, succeeds in the tension between the scope of its ambition and the scale of the work by reaffirming the potential for small objects to convey big ideas; the show in aggregate rewards the viewer’s close observation and offers a welcome antidote to the prevailing culture of commercial galleries and corporate art fairs, where big hype yields small returns.




NOVEMBER 16 - 24, 2013
RECEPTION[s] O11.16.13 C11.24.13

Helmuth Projects >>
1827 5th Avenue 
San Diego, CA 92101


Anila Agha / Jennifer Bennett / Rebekah Bogard / Matthew Bourbon / Sean Brannan / Candace Briceno / Rebecca Carter / John Chekwan / Beau Comeaux / C.J. Davis / Tom Driscoll / Kelly Eginton / Vincent Falsetta / Denis Farrell / Steve Gibson / Damien Gilley / Brian Goetzenleuchter / Shelley Hampe / Joanne Hayakawa / Matthew Hebert / John B. Hogan / Jeff Irwin / Alexander Jarman / Heather L. Johnson / Lance Jones / Jennifer Leigh Jones / Wendell Kling / 
John Oliver Lewis / Linda Lopez / Natalie Macellaio / Kirsten Macy / May-Ling Martinez / Bob Matheney / Jessica McCambly / Jeff Mueller / Nikko Mueller / Ingram Ober / Titus O’Brien / Keri Oldham / Harmony Padgett / Joe Page / Julon Pinkston / Scott Polach / Lindsay Preston / Justin Quinn / Sasha Koozel Reibstein / Marisol Rendon / Allison Renshaw / Leisa Rich / Danielle Riede / Lesli Robertson / Jason Sherry / Rusty Scruby / Brian Spolans / Raychael Lynn Stine / Eva Struble / Shannon Sullivan / Takako Tanabe / Perry Vasquez / Jones von Jonestein / Stephanie Wagner / David Willburn / David White / Mike Whiting / Allison Wiese / Sarah Williams / Joe Yorty / John Zane Zappas / Dave Zdrazil

Film Chosen to screen @ Videoholica 2012

There's a Feeling that Lingers in the Afterward. Chosen to be part of Videoholica 2012 International Video Art Festival V
July 30 - August 3. Varna. Bulgaria

The 5th Videoholica will be four evenings of video art projections throughout Varna public indoor and outdoor spaces, such as the inner yard of the Varna Archaeology Museum, the back yard of the Varna Puppet Theatre, the Rakovina Open-Air Stage in the Varna Sea Garden, Music Café ‘LOOK’, the Roman Baths, Cultural House ‘Harmony’ yard and others. Along with the evening video art screenings, Videoholica 2012 will introduce to the Varna public established local and international video art partners’ activities and honored video artists’ talks, in parallel with discussions and exhibitions to take place in gallery, museum and alternative spaces in Varna, presenting the video art on a global scale.

More information will be available soon on


Temporary Occupants

Temporary Occupants
Curated by Iris Bechtol and David Willburn

April 8 - May 6, 2011, Eastfield College, 3737 Motley Drive
Reception April 9 @ 6P

15 Artists create temporary site referential responses to various spaces in and around the campus.

Artists include Courtney Brown, Mickey Bruce, Matt Clark, Kristen Cochran, C.J. Davis, Lanie DeLay, Eric Eley, Lance Jones, Justin Shull, Sunny Sliger and Marianne Newsom, Sour Grapes, Jenny Vogel, Lizzy Wetzel and Kathy Windrow.

  installation photo by David Willburn

installation photo by David Willburn

   installation photo by David Willburn

installation photo by David Willburn

28th Annual Art in the Metroplex Exhibition 2010

Tuesday, August 31 through Thursday September 30, 2010

J.M. Moudy Art Gallery @ TCU

Polly Apfelbaum is a critically acclaimed artist whose work is included in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, and the Musee d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, France. "An artist of wide-ranging styles from Pop Art to Minimalism, her subjects deal with the relativity of time, feminist issues, and complexity in what appears to be simplicity." She is represented by D'Amelio Terras Gallery, New York, and Frith Street Gallery, London. She lives and works in New York.


TAFTL @ Gallery 414


January 23, 2010 thru
February 21, 2010
Opening Reception:
January 23 6 - 9 PM

Gallery 414
414 Templeton
Fort Worth, TX 76107

Lance Jones explores the emotional friction of love in a suite of new work that includes drawings, paintings and video. The Dallas artist juxtaposes the glamorized beauty of attraction with the anxious tension of engagement to channel imagery and sound that compels viewers to confront their personal experiences of love, both filial and amorous. The body of work serves to pull back the layers of emotional complexity, isolating discrete memories and experiences in distilled moments of emotion.

Jones believes that the perfection of human nature demands a ceaseless reevaluation of historical fact to allow the recognition of the true beauty within an individual. To that end, the artist founds his work on images that crystallize an emotional memory for him. The chromatic, boundary-blurring and distorting filters that then serve to obfuscate the picture, recontextualizing the image as a contemporary take on a fleeting impression. These selected memories create a reality that may be strikingly disconnected from the original circumstances that created them, manifesting in a composition of globular clusters, organic shapes and pixilated images. It is within this visual representation that inherent beauty is revealed.

Jones studied Drawing and Painting at University of North Texas. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions including: I’ll tell mom ____ if you don’t ____ at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary, Dallas; PLUSH at Mainsite Contemporary, Norman, OK,  and 100 Drawings, at Haggerty Gallery, Irving. His work has also been included in New American Talent 19, at Arthouse in Austin and 2005 Texas Biennial in Austin. In addition, Jones’ work resides in corporate collections, including Brown & Root in Houston, Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum, Inc. (HOK) in Kansas City, MO and Magnolia Pictures in Dallas.

Video sound recording collaboration with John-Mark Lapham.  Raised in West Texas, and son to a back up singer for Buddy Holly, John Mark’s first exposure to music recording was obsessively making home remixes in the 80s using his parent’s dual tape deck, destroying several units in the process. Fast forward 20 odd years, he now produces music for transatlantic pop collective, the Earlies. He released an EP for 4AD Records with Micah P. Hinson as ‘The Late Cord’, and makes cut and paste mixes for bands as diverse as Tunng, Hot Chip and Magnetophone under his ‘Lost in Edit’ alias. John Mark is recording a third album for the Earlies along with a new ambient project with various collaborators. Mr. Lapham currently lives in Austin and works between Austin, Abilene, and Manchester, UK.

Gallery 414 is located at 414 Templeton, near Fort Worth’s Cultural District and is made possible through the generosity of Razz Fiesler. Gallery hours are every Saturday and  Sunday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment. Gallery and exhibition inquiries should be directed to Adele Krause at 817-465-9277 or 817-926-4111, or